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Based on Nordic wood and steel pipes, we build furniture in industrial look. With our products, it brings raw and industrial into your interior design, whether you're looking for a clothes rack , shelves or  bench . We deliver to private as well as business, completely free! So whether your private wardrobe is going to show up, your entrance is missing a bench for storage of shoes - or your clothing store is missing new interior, yes, Ziito is the answer. We are specialists in what we do, so if you have questions about clothes racks or shop fittings please contact us, we are ready to answer your questions.


Shops and fairs

Our clothes racks are known for their robustness and therefore they are popular for use in clothing stores. We already have extensive experience with the design of clothing stores and trade fair. We have Delivered clothes racks to London's largest men's fashion show , Jacket required , which borrows over 2000 racks of Ziito annually. So we promise good luck that we can also help you with your next trade fair.

Choice of materials

We only choose the strongest materials for our products. Therefore, you are sure that a Ziito furniture will follow you for years, the industrial look will only be more beautiful with time and wear!   You may already know about Ziito and our products, but let us introduce you to the company and the mind.


We are a young company, with roots in the Nordic design. Our inspiration comes from the Nordic nature, from which we also get our tree. All our wood is from Scandinavian pine forests and is being processed at a Danish wood products company. We take great pride in knowing the origin of our products, so we can ensure our customers a quality product.


To increase the durability of our wood, we treat it with linseed oil - a natural oil made from linseed. We do not want to treat the precious Nordic pine with chemicals and the choice therefore fell on the linseed oil. If you would like more information about linseed oil, please visit our supplier  linolie.dk  - which supplies natural oils, free of unnecessary chemistry. 


Who is Ziito

Ziito blev i 2014 stiftet af tre brødre, udfra en fælles vision om at producere markedets bedste tøjstativer. Vi, Simon, Jonas og Daniel kommer med vidt forskellig faglig baggrund, men har i Ziito fundet en fælles interesse for at designe og udvikle møbler med inspiration fra den nordiske natur. Vores familiære sammenhold har vi forsøgt at videreføre i den måde vi udvikler og leder Ziito på. Vi går ind for en meget familiær ledelsesstil hvor alle medarbejdere bliver hørt og passet godt på. På den måde sikrer vi at alle yder deres bedste, imens vi har en venlig og humørfyldt arbejdsdag. Det håber vi også kan mærkes på vores kunder.


We wish to run our business with the heart, so we continuously try to optimize our products and production in an environmentally responsible direction. Our products are made in practical and strong materials that ensure a long life. In this way, we want to take a step away from the buy-throw-away culture, and give our customers a product that can be used for many years in the future.


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